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5 Best Customized Employee Give Aways

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Jan 24, 2014 @ 10:37 AM

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Starting out a new year means new sales, new opportunities for growth, and new incentive programs for your employees!  Make sure that you are encouraging proper participation of your employees by making sure that you are providing the right incentives!  It isn’t always about the bonus or expensive TV.  Remember that all employees have smaller milestones that they hit throughout a year also.  So make sure you are prepared to highlight those smaller milestones with some of the latest and greatest employee give-aways.  Typically something they can use or wear are the items that go over best.  People don’t want something that they are just going to take home and it take up space and collect dust.  Give employees something they can use and you will ensure that you are hitting the mark on your employee give-aways.  Always remember that they should always be personalized and customized to your company with either screen printing or direct embroidery.  Here is what SITEX recommends:

5) The T-Shirt:  Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt???  Even if it is 5 sizes too big, people love that free t-shirt because either they will wear it to lounge around the house, give it to their significant other, or even hand it off to a friend who they know will use it.  To add the icing on the cake, people will be wearing something out and about that has your logo and company name on it.  Score one for free advertising!!!

4) The Koosie: We all have a drawer full of them, but somehow they never get old and we love continually getting more.  Weather it is a brand new one you just received yesterday, or the one stuffed in the back of the drawer still hanging around since college, koosies are a grand slam every time!  Nothing is worse than the day your favorite koosie wears out and holds its last cold beverage. 

3) The Umbrella: No one thinks they need an umbrella until it starts to rain (unless you live in Seattle, then it is an everyday accessory).  However, giving out an umbrella to your employees is something that will definitely come in handy!  Everyone can always use more than one umbrella.  They need one for the car, one for the truck, one for their bag they take to work, and at least a few to have at home.  The extras at home are always for that dreaded day when your umbrella flips inside out and done for forever.  Moral of the story… you can never go wrong with an umbrella.

2) The Beanie: Sock Cap, Sock Hat, Beanie, Knit Hat, Deerstalker, Trapper, Skull Cap… whatever you call it, people love them!  Keeping the chill out of your bones, starts with keeping your head warm.  We all know there is no better way to do that than to throw a beanie on your head before you walk out into the cold.  Now maybe this might not be such a popular choice in South Beach, but even still, people are wearing beanies everyday as a simple accessory.  Many not even taking into account the temp outside.

1) The Hoodie:  The best employee give-away – Hands Down!  Like the t-shirt, it doesn’t matter what size it is; like the umbrella, you can never have too many; similar to the koosie, you will always have your favorite; and like the beanie it can be used for warmth or fashion!  With lots of styles, materials, and price points, you can’t go wrong with a hoodie.  Performance fabric, poly-blended, terry, organic, and good ol’ cotton are just the starters for what you can choose. 

There are plenty of milestones to reach and challenges to overcome ahead of each of us in the weeks to come.  Make sure you are prepared to highlight those ‘Wins’ for your employees.  Have the proper stock of give-aways that you know will be a hit!

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10 Least Favorite Promotional Products

Posted by Brandy Bell on Mon, Dec 16, 2013 @ 12:31 PM

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With the holidays upon us, many of us are getting lots of gifts and sweet treats from our vendors as a thank you for our business all year long.  Promotional products can take you anywhere and get your message to any consumeer!  However, as you all know, some of the gifts are the same ol’, same ol’.  Don’t be the one to gift the blah gift to your customers.  Scratch these off your idea list for good!

10) Flimsy Magnets – Nothing is worse than going to hang your child’s artwork on the fridge, and the cheap, flimsy magnet you got at that trade show won’t even hold a since piece of paper.  It doesn’t matter if it is a calendar, a measuring chart, or any other useful piece of information, if it will not do the job it is intended to do… It is headed to the trash!

9) Stinky Lotion– The only problem with buying promotional lotion is that you have no idea what scent you are getting.  Yes, it may be called vanilla, but their vanilla and your definition of vanilla may be totally different.  There is nothing worse than putting on lotion that smells terrible and not being able to get rid of the smell.

8) Travel Hairbrush – I know there are thousands of women (and some men) out there that keep a hairbrush with them at all times.  But for the most part, do not give me something that is going to break the first time I run it through my hair after I get out of the pool on vacation.  I am going to be mad at the brush  for breaking, and then mad at your company for choosing a promotional item that now leaves me without a hairbrush for the rest of my vacation.

7) Cheap Key Chains – I know it may be tempting to purchase those 10,000 key chains that are available for $0.25 each, but please slow down and really think about what image you are sending to your customers.  Just because you can buy enough to give to everyone within a 3 state radius, it likely isn’t the best decision for your business image.  Nobody wants a key chain that is so cheap it doesn’t even warrant the spare garage key.

6) Carabiner/ Climbing Hook – A little less that 3% of America’s population rock climbs.  Therefore, you stand a 3% chance of someone actually liking this promotional gift.  Yes, once upon a time they were cool, but about 15 years ago, everyone already had received 10 of these and their “cool factor” quickly dropped. 

5) Golf Tees – Given out time after time golf tees just don’t seem to go away.  If you are giving them away at a golf tournament or a golf scramble then you are perfectly in the bounds of giving them away and them being a good promotional gift.  However, when someone gives you a logo’d golf tee set and you do not golf, it is totally pointless and makes that person feel silly because it is almost like they are expected to golf.

4) Triangle Highlighters –Three colors in one device sounds fantastic… but take into consideration that they do not fit anywhere!!! They don’t fit in the tray in your desk drawer and they surely do not fit in the pencil holder cup sitting on your desk.  So when what happens?  They just lie around and get moved from one place to the next until someone gets tired of messing with it and throws it away.

3) Old School Water Bottle – Nothing says your company is stuck in the early 1990’s like a big, bulky, old school water bottle with the giant straw that make that distinct sound when you pull it in and out of the lid.  Come to the new age… people want a top that closes, bottles that don’t leak, and something that will maintain a temperature longer than the time it takes you to walk from your house to your car.

2) Stress Balls – Or boat, or house, or bus, or truck, or duck, or whatever other shape you may think it looks cute in.  Bottom line is that they do not work and only make you angrier when you are actually giving it a try to reduce your stress, and it doesn’t work!

Last But Not Least…

1) Crappy Ink Pen – Kinda like the key chain thing… just because you can get 10,000 of them for a cheap price, doesn’t always mean you should.  People use ink pens every day, so make the right decision and pick out a good one.  It doesn’t have to be something that was $50, but forego the $0.50 ones!  Ink pens are definitely something that you get what you pay for!  And there is not one customer out there that says, “Man, I hate this wonderful pen!”

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Table Linen Sets Your Holiday Party Ambiance

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Nov 29, 2013 @ 10:58 AM

SITEX, table linen, napkinWith the holidays quickly approaching, everyone is sure to have a packed schedule with parties, dinner dates, office parties, and holiday get-togethers.  Nothing sets the mood of an event like the table linen and napery used.  Choosing your holiday linen selection can be difficult.  Here are a few tips for making it easier and taking the pain out of one of the things on your checklist. 
  1. Decide what tone you want to set for your event.  If cool and casual is what you are looking for consider using linen table cloths but paper napkins.  Or skip the table cloths all together and just use cloth napkins.  Using only one cloth item, either table cloths or napkins, will help to keep your holiday party light and fun.  If you are looking for a more formal affair, choose all cloth.  Nothing says formal like having your tables set in cloth table linen and cloth napkins.
  2. Select your colors wisely.  If you are planning a dinner with spaghetti, don’t choose white napkins.  Consider how your napkins will hold up against your menu and drink selections.  You want something that will coordinate with you theme, but also you want something that will make your guest feel comfortable using.  No one wants to feel like they are going to ruin their host’s cloth napkins. 
  3. Consider your budget.  Cloth table linens and cloth napkins can become expensive quickly.  An extra table here and there can add a significant amount to your linen expense.  Over ordering cloth napkins is a waste of resources.  Yes you want everyone to have one and to not run out, but you also don’t want a lot of extra that never get used.  Getting extra table linens and cloth napkins that do not get used is throwing money down the drain.  You bought or rented them, and you won’t get your money back for the rental.  Don’t spend too much on these items that you have to downplay your menu!
The holiday season can get hectic, but don’t let your choice of table linen slow you down.  Stay calm and keep on enjoying the season by following these 3 tips.  Choosing your table linens for your holiday party should not take the fun out of your holiday season.  Happy Holiday Parties!!!

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5 Things You Might Not Know About Your Rental Uniforms

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Nov 22, 2013 @ 12:46 PM

Documents 124 resized 6005. Barcodes & RFID Chips – Each of your garments are barcoded or chipped with and RFID chip.  These barcodes give us lots of information to be able to help you locate missing pieces or when repairs and mends have to be made to your garment.  From these barcodes and RFID chips, we can tell exactly what garments are assigned to you, how many times those garments have been washed, when the last time you turned in each individual garment was, and what pieces are scheduled for your next delivery.  This helps us locate items when something is missing and helps us to better serve you.

4. Your rental uniforms are counted 4 times per delivery cycle - To ensure reduced shortages, each and every single garment is counted 4 times during each delivery cycle.  This allows us to provide you with valuable information on the status of each of your garment and to make sure you get back what you turn in.  Your garments are counted at customer pick up, after they are laundered and finished, before loading for delivery, and at customer delivery.  Each and every time your garments are counted at this 4 point process and then the cycle begins all over again. 

3. Repairs done right and before you have to ask – many repairs are made before you even have to ask.  We ensure your garments are in tip top shape with the 10 point collar to cuff weekly inspection.  This inspection covers 10 points on your shirts and pants.  Shirts are inspected for overall cleanliness, identification tags, shoulder panel, collar, emblems and pockets, sleeve, button and front button panel, underarm & side seams, cuffs, and the back panel.  Pants are reviewed for overall cleanliness, buttons & fasteners, pockets, side seams & inseams, hems, rear seam, under seam, zipper, waist band & belt loops, and the identification tags.  Making sure every inch of your uniforms are reviewed for mending needs. 

2. Uniforms Build Trust – Consumer surveys continue to show that the public prefers your employees be in uniforms.  Uniformed employees are seen as more professional, more credible, more service oriented, more capable, and make the work place feel safer.  Consumers know who your employees are before they ever verbally identify themselves.  Customers have also voiced that they are more likely to do business with a company whose employees are in uniforms over a business whose employees are not.

1. Uniforms stretch your marketing dollars – Who knew uniforms could be effective marketing tools?  When questioning several different industries, we have found that 70-90% of most industries agree uniforms help to stretch their marketing dollar.  90% of passenger transit companies & wholesalers, 80% of building general contractors & food manufacturers, and 70% of automotive repair services agree.   Having your name and logo in more locations can only help to stretch that dollar even more!

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Is A Uniform Program For Your Business?

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Nov 15, 2013 @ 03:50 PM

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In today’s business world there are lots of products and services every business needs in order to operate their own business.  Many people use some kind of accounting software, lead generation assistance, a cleaning service, someone that delivers office supplies, etc.  That list could go on and on. 

However, have you ever considered uniforms as a necessity for your company?  Some of you may be sitting there thinking “I couldn’t afford it,” “I don’t have a large enough business,” “My industry requires certain stipulation on my employee’s clothing,” and more and more reasons why you wouldn’t or couldn’t use a uniform company. 

Having uniforms doesn’t have to break the bank and odds are we carry whatever clothing is required in your industry.  For those “naysayers” who think a uniform program isn’t for them.  Consider this… 

Fact is that uniforms are affordable!  Whether you are looking to rent clothing and have us process and clean it each week, or would rather purchase custom apparel for your employees, we have a program to fit your budget. 

Fact is that uniforms are mutually beneficial to the company and the employee!  The company gains community exposure, promotes safety, and provides an added benefit to being an employee at your company.  The employee gets standardized clothing to wear to work, they save time not having to pick out clothes each morning, and they save money not having to go shopping for work clothes. 

Fact is that uniforms are free advertising!  Imagine having a billboard advertisement all over town.  One at the grocery store, one at the gas station, and one anywhere else imaginable.  That is what you get when your employees are outfitted in a proper uniform program.  You company name and logo are seen everywhere they travel throughout the day.  Think about all that extra exposure your business will receive by just having your employees in a top quality uniform program.

Fact is that uniforms and custom apparel are beneficial for both large and small businesses!  Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a small 2 man shop the right uniform program and custom apparel can help show the world that you are organized and care about your image.  A unified look shows your customers that you are proud of your company.

Fact is we carry a range of uniforms for a variety of industries!  No matter what type of uniform you need, we’ve got you covered!  We carry enhanced and hi-visibility for construction and road crews.  Flame resistant garments to provide safer working conditions against electrical ARC flash burns.  Your shop mechanics can proudly display your dealership brand, or your chefs will look professional in front of your guest with our available chef apparel.

No matter what kind of business you are, there is a uniform program out there to fit your needs, style, and budget!

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5 Reasons Uniform Rental Companies are Going Green

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Aug 10, 2012 @ 12:26 PM

5) Save Time – E-statement are available quicker than a paper statement.

e-statement, SITEX

 Imagine the time you will save with not having to go to the post office to check your Post Office Box, drive back to the office, and open all of your mail.  Your statement will be there in your inbox as soon as you arrive at work in the morning!

4) Ensure Security – Online access is secure and you eliminate the risk of lost information or losing a statement in the mail.  Also, you will save time not having to call to report it lost or stolen and requesting another one be sent.  You can securely log-in to your account and re-print the information yourself!or stolen mail.  Avoid someone stealing your account

3) More Convenient – E-Statements are accessible any time, day or night, from any computer with internet access.  Imagine having to leave work early because one of the kids got sick at school.  Now you can just log-in from home, any mobile tablet, or from your laptop waiting at the doctors!


2) Options Are Endless – E-Statements can be viewed, downloaded, or printed.  You want a printed copy or need to save a copy to your computer at work?  1-2-3 and it’s done!  Log in, open the file you need, and save or print it!

1) Once our SITEX Customers sign up, they will be automatically entered into a drawing to win one of two new Kindle Fires!  What is better than free stuff?  SITEX Customers will be entered to win a Kindle Fire when they sign up for e-statements.  All customers already receiving e-statements will automatically entered to win.  Save the environment and get free stuff, now that’s a win-win!!!

 Register for e-statements today!

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Three Reasons to Love The Microfiber Bar Towel

Posted by Brandy Bell on Thu, Jul 19, 2012 @ 04:07 PM


microfiber towel resized 600

Our Microfiber Bar Towel helps you wipe away dirt and grime with a new product that is more efficient, more durable, and more value-driven than ordinary cotton bar towels every thought about being.  The SITEX’s Microfiber Bar Towel attracts and removes dirt and grime up to 5x’s more than the standard bar towel.  Check out these 3 reasons you will love microfiber too…

1)      Ultra Efficient – Microfiber is faster drying, you can use it wet or dry and receive the same results, and it is much more absorbent that cotton towels

2)      Ultra Green – Microfiber conserves water and cleaning chemicals (saving you money!).  They also use less energy to launder because they are faster drying.  They are also safer to use, capturing 98% of bacteria.

3)      Ultra Bright – Microfiber is truly lint free and nothing shows your customers your clean image like a long lasting white towel!

There is no comparison to microfiber when you want your facility to shine.  So give us a try on your stainless steel, glass, table & bar tops, and while you are here check out the other linen we have to offer! The super absorbency and durability makes SITEX’s microfiber bar towel swipes and wipes past your ordinary cotton bar towel. 

Download our whitepaper:Why Do Compa

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3 Mistakes People Make When Choosing a Uniform Laundry Service

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, Jul 06, 2012 @ 02:54 PM

uniform, SITEX, rental uniform

1)      Decisions Based on Solely Price – Remember mom telling you, “You get what you pay for!”  Well there are times when that still stands true.  When picking a uniform laundry service be sure to consider the quality of the garments your potential uniform laundry service offers.  Cheap looking clothes can give your company a cheap look, and that completely defeats enhancing your company image by placing your employees in a uniform.

2)      Name Brand Clothes Hold Up Better – If you are only focusing on what label is inside the garment, you may be missing out on some fresher brands that will better serve your needs.  Whether you are looking for a brand or looking for quality, remember that the two sometimes may not be down the same path.  Consider your options carefully and really consider what will best suite your company.

3)      Bigger is Better – Many people think that going with the larger company will ensure their needs are better met.  However, this cannot be further from the truth.  Local independent uniform and linen providers rank higher than the large national chains in every category of timeliness of response to problems, quality of service personnel, service quality, fair billing, and product quality. 

Check out SITEX's quality uniforms offered to you at great prices and serviced with that personal touch.

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Top 5 Reasons to Love Medical Scrubs

Posted by Brandy Bell on Mon, Jul 02, 2012 @ 11:51 AM

Medical Scrub, Custom Fabric, Scrub Top1)      Comfort. Nothing beats feeling like you get to work in your pajamas all day!  Scrubs are known for their ultimate comfort.  Consider all those people who buy scrubs just to wear and have no other reason to purchase them other than pure comfort!

2)      Color Choices. A new color choice for every day of the month!  The shades offered in medical scrubs are practically endless.  What could be better than having the option to choose any color you can possibly think of?

3)      Power of Prints.  Dogs, cats, Halloween Bats.  Presents, Christmas Trees, & Fall Leaves.  Mickey Mouse, Betty Boop, so many choices, they are all just so cute!  Express your hobbies, passion, and favorite cartoon characters with printed scrubs.

4)      Customization. Imagine your logo on all of your employees!  The hottest trend in scrubs is having your logo made into a print fabric! (Check out the photo above!) Of course, there is always the trusted direct embroidered logo with the option of the employees’ name.

5)      Easy Care.  Scrubs are a very “Wash & Go” uniform for employees.  Now days many scrubs are made with wrinkle resistant fabric or a poly-blend.  No more hours and hours of standing at the ironing board on the weekends!

SITEX can handle creating your custom scrubs that will make your employees one of a kind!

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Online Shopping - The Ease of Getting It Done at SITEX

Posted by Brandy Bell on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 05:35 PM

SITEX, online shopping

Going to the mall and spending hours and hours looking for something to purchase is beginning to become a way of the past.  Online shopping has catapulted itself into the forefront of our shopping routines.  Most everyone who has access to the Internet has purchased something online. 

The benefits of online shopping are nearly endless and allow us to have so much more freedom with shopping.  The simple fact that you can shop anytime of the day give people a feeling of ease.  There is no need to rush because you have to get there before they close.  Additionally, there are no long lines to wait in as you scurry through the store on your lunch break. 

The convenience of online shopping is beyond words!  You have the ability to look at different colors on the models and decide which would look best on you.  If something comes up you just save your “Shopping Cart” and come back to it later.  It saves you hours of trying on clothes to see what they look like on.  It’s right there on your screen and you get to see what it looks like on an actual person.

Last but not least, you have the freedom to purchase something from anywhere.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, you can take just a few minutes to get all of your shopping done.  From your cell phone and other wireless devices to your tablet or computer you have the opportunity to shop anytime.  If it’s 5 in the morning or 5 at night you are able to get it done!

Online shopping has changed our world and gives us so many more options.  Most places run internet only specials and feature special products.  There is typically more availability when you are shopping online rather than in a store.  So next time you are looking for a new shirt, a scarf, or a suitcase log-on to SITEX’s online store and shop around.  Or you can check out some of our featured products and deal of the day on our Facebook page.  

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